Tragedy in Winter


Outside it was very cold outside.  Seun and I were sleeping on the couch next to my Mom Ally who was reading a book. She was at home for the Winter school holiday, and that was the time we love spending with her. No stress of marking books, preparing for the next day teaching, or all the extra curriculum activities that keep my mom Ally busy till late each day….

But let me not get side tracked from the story I want to tell. As I was saying, Seun and I were sleeping warm and cosy under the blanket with my Mom Ally, when Silky came running in. Her Eyes were as big as saucers, jumping on my mom, telling her that Scampi fell in the swimming pool. Seun and I were of the couch, immediately anxious and alarmed, running for the door leading outside to the swimming pool. Scampi could not swim and what’s more, it was in the middle of Winter, and the water freezing cold. Mom Ally frowned, just looking at us. Again Silky jumped on her, meowing frantically. Then, luckily my mom realized that Scampi was not there. Everybody raced outside, we in front of her, my mom running and tripping over us to get to the pool.

When we came around the corner, we saw Scampi trying frantically to keep her head above the icy water. In our minds we already knew that Scampi was going to drown. But just then, in a split second, my mom Ally yelped, rushing forward. She jumped into the ice cold water, with no regard of her own safety, grabbed a drowning Scampi. And as fast as lightning she ran back to the house with a lifeless Scampi in her arms, soaking wet, crying. As we moved back to the house we talked about the terrible tragedy of Scampi drowning, and how we are going to comfort our moms through this time of sorrow…..


Journey of a 21 year old cat cont.

As the time and minutes go by, I got very anxious. My two Moms did not know what was happening in the front garden, especially my Mom Ally who is always very cautious about our health.It felt like ages when my Moms decided to get out of the swimming pool. I could not run fast enough to the front of the house to see what Seun was up to.

He was nowhere to be found. I looked under the shrubbery. I looked by each of the saucers but both he and the beer was gone.

Then I saw him!

He was sitting in the top window of the house, between the burglar bars, swaying like a drunken sailor, his eyes glazed over, calling all cats to help him out of his misery.

Just then my mom Ally came around the corner.  She immediately went to the saucer of beer nearest to her, finding it empty. Frowning she went to the next one and the next one. All of them were empty.

She looked at me and Scampi. Then she looked at Seun, hanging between sky and ground.

For a moment she was flabbergasted, just staring at a drunken Seun hanging for dear life on the burglar bars. Then it dawned on her. Seun drank all the beer that she sat out for the snails….!

And that is the time that me, Scampi and Silky knew we must hide.


Each of us knows what that means. Mom Ally getting out the BIG syringe, filling it up with white stuff. Wrapping you, the victim, in a blanket and then pouring that white stuff in your mouth. You can try scratching , pawing and biting but it is fruitless. Till she is satisfied that you are out of danger you will swallow that white stuff. And believe you me  ,do not try to spit it out. The process starts all over. Ask me I have experienced it myself. But that is another story.

Poisonous BUGS for cats

Is it harmbugsfull for a cat to eat bugs?

This is pretty normal behaviour for cats to hunt. It may happen that he/she will sometimes eat a bug. Most of the time, it can do no harm. A regular fly, worm, moth, butterfly, ladybug or spider, is no problem for cats. These insects are not poisonous and the cat will have no problem digesting it. but sometimes you can’t even identify the bug.

How to recognize if a bug is poisonous for your cat Continue reading “Poisonous BUGS for cats”

IF cats can Talk


I am Bonty and I am 21 year old female. I was born in a small town, somewhere behind a shop. My mother told me that just before we were born, a lady who worked at one of the shops saw her, and started to feed her. Two weeks after that we were born. I can’t remember much, only that the lady took me to her home after six weeks.

I met the other cats in the family. In the beginning they did not like me very much, especially the Matriarch, Schampi. She ignored me for a long time, swiping me in the face if my human mothers did not watch. But luckily after a while we became good friends. I know she was the Matriarch. The second in command Silky, a black and white female never liked me very much but with the sweetest guy, Seun , I became very good friends. He had another name but most of the time he was called Seun. And that is where my journey started with the two ladies whom I love and adore. Join my 21 year old journey of laughter,joy,pain,happiness,sadness and adventure .

. We first lived in the country, a small mining town in a house with a swimming pool and a big garden. A big garden with lots of insects and moths to chase. And snails.

My big brother, as I called Seun, loved chasing the snails, getting my Moms very upset. My mom Ally had read somewhere that if you put beer out in your garden, the snails will come and drink it, and die. I do not know what my brother was thinking. He started drinking the beer out of the saucers that was being put out for the snails. I went up to him, cautioning him that this golden fluid is not fit for feline consumption, but he ignored me, licking every drop of the saucer. I ran into the house, looking for my mom’s and Scampi to tell them about Seun and what he was busy doing. They were in the swimming pool, Scampi and Silky watching them. I went up to Scampi telling her what happened. She told me to let it be, he will bear the consequences of his acts. So I also sat down watching…..