Journey of a 21 year old cat cont.

As the time and minutes go by, I got very anxious. My two Moms did not know what was happening in the front garden, especially my Mom Ally who is always very cautious about our health.It felt like ages when my Moms decided to get out of the swimming pool. I could not run fast enough to the front of the house to see what Seun was up to.

He was nowhere to be found. I looked under the shrubbery. I looked by each of the saucers but both he and the beer was gone.

Then I saw him!

He was sitting in the top window of the house, between the burglar bars, swaying like a drunken sailor, his eyes glazed over, calling all cats to help him out of his misery.

Just then my mom Ally came around the corner.  She immediately went to the saucer of beer nearest to her, finding it empty. Frowning she went to the next one and the next one. All of them were empty.

She looked at me and Scampi. Then she looked at Seun, hanging between sky and ground.

For a moment she was flabbergasted, just staring at a drunken Seun hanging for dear life on the burglar bars. Then it dawned on her. Seun drank all the beer that she sat out for the snails….!

And that is the time that me, Scampi and Silky knew we must hide.


Each of us knows what that means. Mom Ally getting out the BIG syringe, filling it up with white stuff. Wrapping you, the victim, in a blanket and then pouring that white stuff in your mouth. You can try scratching , pawing and biting but it is fruitless. Till she is satisfied that you are out of danger you will swallow that white stuff. And believe you me  ,do not try to spit it out. The process starts all over. Ask me I have experienced it myself. But that is another story.


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